Want to Buy Beer from the Colonial Brewmeister?

Help us build a Tavern and Brewery.

Our Vision

In 2020, chef Staib announced he would close the City Tavern in Philadelphia. This leaves a huge void for those who like to step back in time and enjoy a meal and a drink fully immersed in the 18th Century splendor of our city. Yes, there are a few places you can still go in Boston, Wilmington, Williamsburg or perhaps Savanah but no longer in Philadelphia.

As we sit on the cusp of the United States Semiquincentennial in 2026, we want to recreate a true Colonial Tavern experience at the Brandywine Battlefield.

We will have a true 18th Century Tavern experience for our visitors complete with hearty food, bold wine, beer and spirits

What Will Make Us Different?

All of our beers are brewed using 18th Century methods and recipes. Each is inspired by an event or person from the American Revolution and each tells a story of the founding of our nation. >> Oh, and many are brewed

The Breweries

We will be creating TWO BREWERIES

  • A 18th Century demonstration brewery for classes and special brews
  • A 21st Century sanitary brewery to produce the same beers for sale.

We are also establishing a group of brewing, distilling, and winery partners so that we can support large events.

Special Programs

Throughout the year, we will use this venue for various interpretive programs including 18th brewing and cooking classes, lectures on significant events in local history, and Jeffersonian Dinners.

Check back frequently to learn how we are progressing toward this goal.

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