As I normally promote my programs as a historical interpreter and brewer, I contacted Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia. During my discussions on how I could bring programs to the Fort, it was suggested that I spend 2020 as a scholar-in-residence. Together with Fort Mifflin, I am developing a program which I will name “Interpreter-in-Residence” which is based on academic scholar and artist in residence programs (without the financial aid). This Interpreter-in-residence program will invite artists, historians, and reenactors to develop programs and presentations within the premises of Fort Mifflin. 

The goal of this program is to allow the interpreter-in-residence to expand and improve their interpretive skills, develop a portfolio of programs, and practice their reenacting art while delivering a valuable service to the fort.  I am proposing naming a volunteer to annual post of interpreter-in-residence with the expectation that each year we develop new programs that continue to draw the public to visit Fort Mifflin and encourage repeat visitations. In future years, I will help Fort Mifflin can expand the program to other aspects of life at the fort including art, music, epicurean pursuits, military life, and politics.

Goals and Objectives of the Interpreter-in-Residence:

  • Create a compelling pull to bring new visitors to Fort Mifflin
  • Enhance the relationship between Fort Mifflin and local historical interpreters and reenactors
  • Allow the interpreter-in-residence the opportunity to further develop his portfolio of programs

A Tentative List of Potential Events can be found on my Events Page.

I am also developing a list of potential future Jeffersonian Dinners which I hope to host either at Fort Mifflin or similar venue in the Philadelphia area.

Beyond 2020: The time to start planning for 2021 is NOW. Fort Mifflin and I will be seeking input on the next Interpreter-in-Residence.

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