“Take a large Sifter full of Bran Hops to your Taste, Boil these 3 hours then strain out 30 Gall into a cooler & put in 3 Gall Molasses while the Beer is Scalding hot… Let this stand till it is little more than Blood warm then put in a quart of Yeast if the Weather is very Cold then cover it over with a Blanket & let it Work in the Cooler 24 hours then put it into the Cask” — George Washington

In the spring of 1754, the British fort at the forks of the Ohio (the site of Pittsburgh) had been captured by the French. Under the command of Edward Braddock, George Washington lead the Virginia militia to Great Meadows in an attempt to dislodge the French. Unfortunately, during the conflict a French patrol that surrendered had its leader killed by Washington’s Indian allies (or as the French claim, perhaps Washington himself). This prompted a large French reprisal which attached and forced Washington to surrender on July 4 at Fort Necessity. To secure the safe passage of his men back to Virginia, Washington signed a surrender document accepting the blame for “willfully murdering French Emissaries.” And thus, began the American version of the Seven Years War or as we call it the French and Indian War.

Of course, any student of history knows that the taxes imposed upon the American Colonies — The Townsend Acts — were one of the causes for rebellion so all blame or credit for starting the American Revolution should land firmly in the lap of Mr Washington. He’ll never get his commission in the British Army and history would be different if he had.

This beer is George’s recipe from Mt Vernon. When you drink it, watch you back, you never know what savages George employs and what they may do to you if they have you in a submissive posture. Best not to drink too much….

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