Executive Summary:

Creating an interpreter-in-residence program for Fort Mifflin will enhance programming at the site by leveraging local talent in various fields related to the history of Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia, and the greater Delaware Valley.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Create a compelling pull to bring new visitors to Fort Mifflin
  • Enhance the relationship between Fort Mifflin and local historical interpreters and reenactors
  • Allow the interpreter-in-residence the opportunity to further develop his portfolio of programs

Proposed Program:

An Interpreter-in-residence program would invite artists, historians, and reenactors to develop programs and presentations within the premises of Fort Mifflin.  The goal of this program is to allow the interpreter-in-residence to expand and improve their practice while delivering a valuable service to the fort.  I am proposing naming a volunteer to annual post of interpreter-in-residence with the expectation that they develop new programs that draw the public to visit Fort Mifflin and encourage repeat visitations.

This year I am proposing that you invite me, an historical interpreter, to initiate the program.  If future years, I will help Fort Mifflin can expand the program to other aspects of life at the fort including art, music, epicurean pursuits, military life, and politics.

Tentative List of Potential Events (to be further developed and defined):

  • Cannonball Tavern – Discussion on the Tavern Act and its influence on the American Revolution.  I will also bring tavern games and participate as a colonial gentleman.
  • Heritage Skills & Trades – Cordwainer building portmanteau.  Discussion on importance of Non-importation Agreements on the issue of representation and taxation.
  • Black POWDER Friday – Presentation on the manufacture of Black Powder in Colonial Delaware.
  • Colonial Surveyor – Hands-on interactive youth event — Mapping the Fort
  • Colonial Scientist – discussion of the importance of 1763 Transit of Venus
  • Jeffersonian Dinner – Age of Enlightenment and the Gentleman Scientist (fundraiser)
  • Jeffersonian Dinner —Never Caught, Should Washington have been Impeached for Subverting the 1780 Gradual Abolition Act
  • Colonial Brewer – Brewing for the Continental Army.  I would like to do this program three times over the course of the year (especially in colder months). 

Terms and Agreements:

  • The term of this agreement is November 2, 2019 to December 31, 2020.
  • Museum will provide all aspects of site facilities for each event.  It is the sole responsibility of the museum to handle all fees, donations, and subscriptions provided by the visiting public.  All parties will ensure security, safety, and access restrictions as determined by the museum and its policies and procedures.
  • Museum will promote and publicize the interpreter-in-residence and the interpreter-in-residence may also conduct independent promotions. Both the museum and the interpreter-in-residence reserve all rights to promote, publish, and publicize either solely or jointly, accounts and summaries of any events conducted by the interpreter-in-residence either while at the museum or in any way associated with the museum in perpetuity.  Whenever either party does publish such accounts or summaries, however, they shall take care to ensure appropriate accreditation and copyright. 
  • The interpreter-in-residence will conduct 5 events or programs either as part of or in addition to the scheduled events on the museum calendar during the course of 2020.  The nature, scope, and duration of each event shall be negotiated with the museum events coordinating staff, ideally in writing, at least 30 days prior to the event.  If possible, all programs will be defined prior to the publication of the museum’s events calendar.  In the event that the interpreter-in-residence is unable to provide an agreed program on an agreed date, he will notify the museum as early as possible of that conflict so that suitable alternative arrangements can be made.
  • Interpreter-in-residence will donate his time and expertise to the museum without expectation of any remuneration or compensation.  The interpreter-in-residence will provide all materials, costumes, and tools needed for the event and any products constructed during such events will remain the sole property of the interpreter-in-residence.
  • The interpreter-in-residence will collaborate with museum on hosting joint workshops and programs at the museum. The interpreter-in-residence may offer goods for sale provided that these are approved by museum, comply with all rules and covenants of the museum, and do not competed with the museum gift shop or other services.
  • The interpreter-in-residence will collaborate with museum on recruiting next year’s interpreter-in-residence and ensuring that this program is perpetuated beyond the term of his residency. This collaboration will include but not be limited to selection, mentoring, and promoting next year’s interpreter.
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