Add excitement and authentic color to your special event, or create one for your site, with Philadelphia’s best Colonial Brewer and tradesman.  Whether it is a reenactment, motion picture, a tavern night for a private event, or other endeavor, I can bring can bring a real sense of authenticity and fun to your event and make it an occasion that people will long remember.

Every large gathering of people in the 18th Century needed a brewer.  We not only provided the libations that as Doctor Franklin so clearly stated “is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy,” but we also make sure the that people remained healthy and free of waterborne disease. Philadelphia is also a great center of science and technical learning in the 18th Century.  Perhaps your group would like to meet Joseph Priestly first hand and learn how he discovered the element Oxygen.  Perhaps your group wants to learn the fascinating of how in 1769, we actually measured the size of the solar system.  You may want to see an 18th Century surveying crew in action or observe a distillery.   I bring all of these to real tangible life.  In my presentations, participants are encouraged not just to watch but to take part in the using the tools and working through the problems and, of course, drinking the beer.

My rates are very reasonable and I give substantial discounts to non-profit historical sites.  Let’s turn back the pages of history in an extraordinary way!

Colonial Brewer Demo$400/day
Colonial Brewing Immersive Class
for 20 people
Includes all supplies
Colonial Tavern $500 +
$10/liter of Beer
Gentleman Scientist $200 / day
Colonial Surveyor Demonstration or
class of up to 20 people
$200 / day
Host for Jeffersonian Dinner$200 / evening
Public reading, oration, or debate (my topics)$200/hour
Development of new topics or programs
(prior to presentation)
Other demos, appearances,
presentations and such
Free for nonprofits*
$100/hour for private events

For more information, complete the form below and I will contact you.

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