Moonshiners @ Fort Mifflin

March 13 — All Day

We survived! There were times I was not sure this would come off. Not the best planned event but we survived.

I want to express a very special thanks to:

  • Chuck Faust and the Donegal Township Riflemen, 6th PA Regt, 3rd NJ, and 1st Delaware.
  • Wendy Lucas and the 1NJV
  • Greg O’Brian
  • Sandi Johnson
  • All the Camp Followers

It was not what we expected but you guys hung in there and made us, Philadelphia, and Fort Mifflin proud. We are so fortunate to be able to have you guys. There were times I was ready to scream at them but Chuck’s steadfastness, Jay’s balance, Greg’s constant management of the process behind the scenes and Antoine’s cool composure kept me balanced.

You guys are the best!

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