Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, we are postponing the Brewing in the Colonial Manner class until April 19 (potentially longer). Lets all hope this is a seasonal virus and new cases begin to drop as the temperatures increase. If not, we may need witch trials….

If your a homebrewer and want try your hand at “old school” brewing, come to Brandywine and learn how its done from the Regimental Brewmiester. All skill levels welcome. This will be a hands-on historical immersion event.

Published by Michael Carver

My goal is to bring history alive through interactive portrayal of ordinary American life in the late 18th Century (1750—1799) My persona are: Journeyman Brewer; Cordwainer (leather tradesman but not cobbler), Statesman and Orator; Chandler (candle and soap maker); Gentleman Scientist; and, Soldier in either the British Regular Army, the Centennial Army, or one of the various Militia. Let me help you experience history 1st hand!

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  1. Will there be a later date for ‘Brewing in the Colonial Manner’? If so, how will it be announced? I am very interested in this event! Thanks.


    1. We will definitely reschedule. COVID-19 is just sending all of us into a tailspin. In the meantime, I posted a video on this website (and on youtube) for a virtual Mayfair at Pottsgrove Manor with the Regimental Brewmiester and a short book (paperback and Kindle) on Amazon covering some of the material we would teach. Its not as good as a hands on experience but it is virus free.

      If you are interested in hosting the Regimental Brewmiester or have a site you think I should present at when this is all over, send me a note.


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