During the “13 days of August 1777” (August 10-23) meetings were held at the Moland farmhouse in what is currently referred to as the “Council of War Room”.  Attendees at those meetings would have included General Washington, Marquis de Lafayette, Alexander Hamilton, (Mad) Anthony Wayne, Nathanael Greene, Henry Knox and other notable individuals.  Join us, and the Regimental Brewmiester, as we reenact this important meeting.

Published by Michael Carver

My goal is to bring history alive through interactive portrayal of ordinary American life in the late 18th Century (1750—1799) My persona are: Journeyman Brewer; Cordwainer (leather tradesman but not cobbler), Statesman and Orator; Chandler (candle and soap maker); Gentleman Scientist; and, Soldier in either the British Regular Army, the Centennial Army, or one of the various Militia. Let me help you experience history 1st hand!

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