John Adams described the vice presidency as “the most insignificant office that ever the Invention of man contrived or his Imagination conceived.”  Its a thankless job. The Constitution gives the vice president the role of presiding over the Senate , and voting in the Senate if there is a tie. The vice president’s only other formal responsibility is taking over the presidency if the president dies. So why, when that essential duty is eminent does Mike Pence go anywhere or take any risk to his person. Don’t get me wrong, I would be delighted if both he and Trump became unable to serve. A President Pelosi would be a scandal but in an era with daily sandals, that’s no big deal, but he should do his job.

We used to joke about Dick Cheney and his “undisclosed location” but during a national pandemic and when the president is very likely to die, that’s exactly where he belongs. On Wednesday, there will be a debate for who should be Vice President, but Mike Pence has already decided not to do the job when it counts.

Published by Michael Carver

My goal is to bring history alive through interactive portrayal of ordinary American life in the late 18th Century (1750—1799) My persona are: Journeyman Brewer; Cordwainer (leather tradesman but not cobbler), Statesman and Orator; Chandler (candle and soap maker); Gentleman Scientist; and, Soldier in either the British Regular Army, the Centennial Army, or one of the various Militia. Let me help you experience history 1st hand!

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