Okay, so today I have been on a rant about the Grossly Obsolete Party (the DNC is ALSO BAD) but what do we do about it.  Well, lets look to history.  If like me, you likely get several messages like this every week:

The only way to really stop the abuse of the two major parties is to deny them what they clearly want the most – MONEY!  Sure, we should not send them our money directly but we also need to address their primary supporters, businesses.  Look to see what the companies you frequent donate to.  If you find something on this list that is unacceptable (eg Coca Cola supports voter suppression in Georgia), then boycott them. 

In reaction to the Stamp Act (1765) and the Townshend Acts (1767), colonial nonimportation associations were organized by Sons of Liberty and Whig merchants to boycott English goods. Eventually British merchants and manufacturers suffered curtailed trade with the colonies and exerted the anticipated pressure on Parliament. The acts were subsequently repealed.  Nonimportation was a successful weapon employed by the colonists to win their demands from the mother country by peaceful means.  It worked until the British Army resorted to military force and that ultimately cost the British Empire one of her colonies.

Money is a very powerful weapon.

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