I agreed to do a program with the Discovery Channel on Spruce Beer. Before you think this is a great “win” for the Regimental Brewmeister, I thought you might enjoy a synopsis of one of our more interesting conversations (edited for clarity):

2/17 — From the Discovery Channel Producer:

Thanks for taking the time to chat with me today, Michael. After speaking with you, here’s my dream scenario for filming at Fort Mifflin. I would really like our talent to participate in a reenactment battle where they can wear period attire, fire a musket and the cannon.

2/18 — Reply from Fort Mifflin

Michael and I have been reaching out to assemble your dream format, and attached is our proposal. This is a very significant undertaking, but as I mentioned previously we have significant experience with film crews and we are prepared to support your effort, assuring a smooth day and all the right shots for your story.

2/22 — Recap following site visit (from me)

  • Since they have no military pass, they will be arrested and taken to Casemate 5 for questioning.
  • [They] be “volunteered” to join the gun crew on the wall. After they have fired a few rounds at the enemy in the river, they will join a detail on the parade with light arms and attempt to repel a group of British regulars at the main gate

2/28 — From the Discovery Channel Producer:

This is awesome! Thank you. … One quick creative adjustment. Network would like to lose the talent being arrested at the gate and go with them walking into cannon fire. 

2/28 — Reply from me

No problem with the arrest.  My agenda is only a suggestion. 

For the record, we of the British Brigade recommend being arrested over “walking directly into cannon fire!”  A quick glance at Lord Tennyson’s narrative poem “The Charge of the Light Brigade” is all you need to know about our reservations on that count. 


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