When reenacting or acting as a historical interpreter, its good to have a few historical dates and stories to share. This series will publish a few.

July 8, 1776 — The citizens of Philadelphia were summoned to the State House Yard by the bells of the city. At noon, Colonel John Nixon publicly read the Declaration of Independence.  Following the reading he ordered his men to remove all public signs and seals of King George, including the Royal Coat of Arms in the Philadelphia State House (aka Independence Hall) which was hauled up Market Street and burned.

Not to be outdone, the following day, July 9, George Washington will read the Declaration of Independence to his troops assembled in New York City. The crowd will follow suite with Col Nixon’s men and pull down a 9 ton lead statue of George III. Myth has it that this statue was then melted and cast into musket balls which were supplied to the army.

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My goal is to bring history alive through interactive portrayal of ordinary American life in the late 18th Century (1750—1799) My persona are: Journeyman Brewer; Cordwainer (leather tradesman but not cobbler), Statesman and Orator; Chandler (candle and soap maker); Gentleman Scientist; and, Soldier in either the British Regular Army, the Centennial Army, or one of the various Militia. Let me help you experience history 1st hand!

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