Republican vs republican

I don’t normally like to promote businesses in my blog. Its unseemly. This time, however, there is a story and a biting comment to share.

On Thursday, 11/11, the Sons of the American Revolution Color Guard, performed honors for our Veterans at the National Constitution Center.

Following this event, I took the opportunity to visit a downtown shop for my wife and buy some spices. For those of you who don’t know Penszy’s, they are a specialty spice shop and their CEO is a strong opponent of the former Loser-in-chief (DJT). As those of you who dress for reenactments are aware, navigating the city streets of Philadelphia in full kit is both a rewarding and VERY slow process (walk a block, pose with tourist, walk a block, pose….). Once I arrived at Penszy’s ( 233 Market St, or about 1/2 mile from the NCC), I asked the clerk what specials they had (Deb had a list but …) and was informed that I would like a certain product “if I was not a Republican!

Well, you probably know my politics by now but come on! Lets not do that any more. We are better than that. So my response was (remember, I am in my Lottery coat and full kit), “I, mam, am a TRUE republican. I believe in the Rights of Man, Universal Suffrage, and the desolation of the Monarchy. Perhaps you have confused me with others who USURPED the title.

Now today, I got the attached email (edited to remove image advertisements). Clearly, their company agrees with the distinction between modern Republicans and those of us (irrespective of party affiliation (eg Sen Cheney and Sen Romney, et al) who support the American republic. My challenge to you, regardless of your political interest, is to remain republican and democratic and be wary of those who would capitalize on your viewpoint. Lets all be democratic republicans first and foremost and if we must be Democrats and Republicans, then let that be our second interest for the interest of America must supersede the interest of ANY political party.

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