REPOST: 43rd Rgmt of Ft

I just got an email from Major Loane of HM 43rd Regiment of Foot that includes some of those hidden gems of the internet.


            Stuck at home and getting bored? Then, take advantage of this opportunity to emerge from the Corona Crisis smarter and able to speak with authority to the public and reenactors alike! How? By reading some of the excellent articles on your very own regiment’s website. Learn about the original units we portray, see examples of original equipment, find out where “Brown Bess” came from and more. Here are links to some great pieces of information that every member should know:

The History of the Second Pa. :

The History of the 43rd of Foot:

Aimed Fire and the British Soldier:

Rations and Field Cooking:

Who Was Walter Stewart?:

Original American Canteens:

Original American Cartridge Boxes:

Original 43rd of Foot Artifacts:  

Selections from the Original 2nd Pa. Orderly Books:

The Origin of “Brown Bess:”

Until we meet again, stay healthy, safe and sane. You said you liked history; now you’re part of it!

            ….the Major

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